Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fasting Day 2 and on to new Diet...

Well... my water fast lasted 2 full days which I guess wasn't too bad although I tentatively had hoped to go 7 with another 7 days of juice. But I knew the 4th of July was coming and cookouts and beach trips and I just decided it wasn't the best time to embark on that journey. So, I completed the 2 days and decided to try a new diet that I found out about while I was fasting. It's called the Cyclic Nutrition Program for Hormone Optimization. And since that diet espouses fat burning by eathing mainly fat and protein, and since I was already in a fat burning mode, I decided to go straight from my fast to eating meat, eggs, and cheese. My stomach wasn't loving me for that at first but I'm feeling better today.

This system is all about regulating your hormones to product muscle building and keep your body in a fat burning mode by eating mostly fats and protien with a small portion of carbs coming from veggies mainly the first 7 days. After that period you go for another 5 days with increased carbs, but not enough to bump you out of fat burning mode, and then finally the 3rd stage is to add a day of high carbs to get the benefit of insulin in building muscles while also restoring your glycogen stores in your liver. Although I don't appear overweight, my fat % is at a whopping 43% which is just disgusting so I figured any diet at this point that lets me burn fat while buiding muscle is worth a shot. And unlike the Atkins Diet it felt a bit healthier to not go full on protien for such a long period of time and still include some nice healthy carbs in the diet.

So last night I had steak with Brocolli topped with butter and a snack of hard boiled eggs with cheese.

This morning was more eggs with cheese and my morning snack was... you guessed it... eggs, this time with bacon. I had meant to bring in the hard boiled eggs I had made the night before as snacks but I accidentally grabbed the raw eggs instead. When I tried to crack it open to have my snack at work it made quite the mess! :)

Lunch and snack today was just some Montery Jack Cheese that I ran out and picked up at the store since I forgot my eggs. Tonight the plan is for chicken stirfried with green beans, peppers, and brocolli with an evening snack of, of course, eggs.

My plan is also to do 20 minutes at least of a step workout tonight while watching Freaks and Geeks that I rented on DVD, which, btw is a great show for anyone whose's never seen it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fasting: Day One

Today I'm starting my fast. The most I've been able to do in the past is 4 days on just water, but I hope to do better this time. I started this morning drinking watered down cranberry juice to help ease into it a bit. But the rest of the day I plan on just doing water.

So far I don't feel that hungry. It's almost noon so it's going pretty well so far. Tomorrow will be the real test I think when I just do all water. I'm about to go out and do a short walk with a friend from work. I feel I have plenty of energy so far so I'm not too concerned.