Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finished day 7

One week of juice fasting down! It is now Tuesday morning of the 8th day and I'm not sure how much longer I'll continue my fast. Last night I didn't feel that well after drinking probably the worst juice I've made so far - asparagus, celery, vidalia onion and cucumber. I think the problem was that I assume the vidalia onions would be very "sweet" so I threw them into the juicer by the handful. Well... let me tell you, they're not really sweet at all raw. They're more like a milder version of a yellow onion. I downed about 2/3 of the juice chased by some fruit juice before I finally gave up and flushed the rest down the sink. Afterwards I got a little "sick" and found myself thinking, "Why am I doing this?" I will say that some of the benefits are nice. I pretty much always have energy, my mind is clear, as is my skin and of course I'm losing weight. But the downsides kind of mirror the good - I don't always sleep well, I have trouble focusing, my balance is off, and of course I miss eating solid food. Anyways, I ended last night thinking about ending my juice fast but continuing to eat healthy - starting with raw vegetables and salads and moving back to eating healthy proteins by this weekend. We'll see...

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