Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It has begun...

So I began my juice fast on June 1st as expected. Well... okay, I cheated a little. I had spent the weeks prior basically emptying out my cupboards of all the foods I had in there that might distract me from my juice fast - beans, pasta, mac and cheese... Yum! I thought I had gotten everything before I started, but after I came back from the grocery store with my slew of vegetables I found a small cube of cheese stuffed in the back of the refrigerator and a little cup of applesauce. So... lunch yesterday was apple sauce and cheese. But for breakfast I did a a frozen fruit smoothie with just frozen strawberries, water and a scoop of pea protein. And dinner I had an interesting juice cocktail made from 1 cucumber, 4 carrots, a jalapeno and some ginger. Spicey! It definitely made it taste more like "dinner" that way I think. I'm using a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer for my juicing and it works pretty well so far. The only downside is it is quite messy. It says it's easy to clean, which I guess is true in the sense that it comes apart and allows you to wash all the pieces in the sink, but the juice pulp is on every piece. I mean it literally covers everything!

Anyways, this is now my 2nd day on the modified juice fast and I've again chosen to have the fruit smoothie in the morning. I plan to continue that until I'm done with the frozen fruit. Granted it's not strictly all juice, but it's not far off and I figure the extra fiber and carbs that I get out of it will help me ease into this a little easier. Especially since I didn't prepare very well by eating fresh veggies beforehand. My plan for lunches is going to mostly be organic bottle juices. From what I've read fresh juice looses a lot of it's potency very quickly after juicing. Also, the bottled juices are more convenient for bringing to work and keep well in their individual containers so I don't need to do any refrigeration.

So far on this juice fast my mind feels pretty muddled. Just kind of an overall lethargy and cloudy head feeling. That, plus the nearly constant hunger pangs and dreaming of solid food is making these first couple of days uncomfortable and annoying. I'm trying not to think of the 28 more days I have planned ahead of me buy rather focus my energy on getting through each day as I go. Based on my experience with water fasting I know the first couple days are the hardest as your body adjusts to going an almost constant empty stomach. Hopefully the same will be true of juice fasting. Course, the longest I ever went with a water only fast was 4 days, so we'll see how long I can keep this up. I don't want to set myself up for failure by predicting my success too far ahead. Just focusing on the here and now.

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